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How To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

April 8, 2010
DIY Home Repair Garbage Disposal Replacement

A few posts back, we talked about how to clear jams and do electrical resets to your garbage disposal to avoid replacing it, altogether.  What happens if you do need to replace it, even after clearing and resetting it?  That’s what we’ll show you in this post. Replacing a garbage disposal can be a very [...]

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How to Pour A Concrete Pad

March 31, 2010
How To Pour a Concrete Pad

I LOVE concrete!  It’s one of the most amazing building materials!  You can do just about anything with concrete — pour the foundation of your home, create the walls of your home, create concrete blocks, patios, decks, fire pits, and more.  The list is pretty much endless.  You can even create pre-fabricated concrete panels that [...]

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Update

March 26, 2010
The Lost Continent

I know, I know, not “exactly” a home improvement post, but something close to my heart. I was on the construction team for the Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure.  This new “island” at Islands (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) incorporates/remodels some of the buildings I worked on.  Plus, it’s just a fun post [...]

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How To Measure Square Yards

March 25, 2010
Picture by rogiro on Flickr

For the most part, the only time you’ll use square yards is to measure and order carpeting.  Although it may sound complicated, square yards is pretty simple. You just take your square feet measurement and multiply it by a conversion factor.  In the case of square yards, you just multiply your square foot measurement by [...]

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How To Measure Cubic Yards

March 24, 2010
DIY Home Improvement Measurements

We use cubic yards for volume measurements, typically concrete, but also soil.  For this post, we’ll just use concrete as the reference, as soil can get pretty complicated — we could spend a month on posts about soil measurements. To determine the number of cubic yards of concrete you need for the concrete item you [...]

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DIY Home Improvement Measurements: Square Feet

March 23, 2010
DIY Home Improvement Measurements

What is a square foot measurement?  Well, even though it may sound a little complicated, square feet is one of the easiest measurements, other than lineal feet or distance.  Square feet is a width multiplied by a length to find the area of a space or object.  So, if a room measures 10 feet by [...]

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DIY Home Improvement Measurements

March 22, 2010
DIY Home Improvement Measurements

This whole week, we’ll be discussing various measurement techniques for your DIY home improvement projects. Why Measurements Are Important for DIY Home Improvement Projects Tile, carpeting, wood floors, concrete, drywall, countertops, and many other materials require quality, accurate measurements.  However, each material uses a unique measurement system.  For example, carpeting is typically measured in square [...]

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How To Read A Tape Measure

March 19, 2010
How to Read A Measuring Tape

DIY home improvement projects require accurate measurements.  Whether measuring an opening, the length of a board to cut, or an area for material ordering; the importance of an accurate measurement plays a role. To get an accurate measurement, it all starts with reading your tape measure, properly. Tape measures often come with a “cheater” now [...]

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How To Install A Toilet Repair Kit

March 18, 2010
Toilet DIY photo by Jer Kunz on Flickr

Oftentimes, we need to replace the internal components of our toilets.  The plastic and metal parts wear out and need to be replaced for the toilet to function properly. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive and easy home improvement project.  Most hardware stores carry a “toilet repair kit” that costs around $18-20 that includes all the [...]

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How To Replace Outdoor Light Fixtures

March 15, 2010
Outdoor Light Fixture by Elizabeth Thomsen

After being exposed to the outdoors for even a very short time, your outdoor lighting fixtures can look pretty rough and be in need of replacement.  Typically, this is an inexpensive and easy improvement to your home’s exterior.  Since it’s usually just a few wire connections and a couple mechanical connections, it’s also something the [...]

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